Welcome to Petah Tikva Anshe Castilla Congregation
Ontario's First Sephardic Synagogue

Minyanim July 21st - July 26th

Sunday Shaharit: 8:00 am
Sunday Minha: 8:15 pm

Weekday Shaharit: 6:45 am
Weekday Minha: 8:35 pm
Weekday Arvit: 8:55 pm

Minha Friday, July 26th: 6:50 pm

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Shammai says, “Make your Torah fixed, say little and do much, and receive every person with a pleasant countenance.”
Pirkei Avot 1:15

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Monday – Thursday 9 am – 5 pm
Friday & Erev Chagim 9 am -1:30 pm

Tel. 416.636.4719
Fax. 416.636.4725
Email. info@petahtikva.ca

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