Parasha Bamidbar

-Early Shabbat anytime after 7:11 pm.
-Count the Omer after 9:15 pm.
-Minha no later than 8:44 pm.
-Candle lighting before 8:26 pm.

-Sunrise 5:44 am.
-Perashah: BeMidbar
-Haftarah: VeHaya Mispar
-Minha no later than 8:45 pm.
-Shabbat Ends 9:37 pm.

*Do not forget to recite Yehi Ratzon before Ashre of Musaf; Rosh Hodesh Sivan will BH be Sunday. Also, we do not recite Tahanunim starting Rosh Hodesh, until, and including, Friday June 5.

-Minha before 8:45 pm.


Devar Torah From the Desk of Rabbi Oziel


Encircled by Hashem

The Jewish People are not the only believers in Hashem. Nevertheless, says Rav Wolbe (Da’at Shelomo Shavuot pg. 496), there is a marked difference between the belief of the other nations and our Emunah in Hashem. In Tehillim (113:4) we read, “Exalted above all the nations is Hashem, in the Heavens is His glory.” The believer nations know that there is a G-d, but they perceive that due to His exalted stature He has made His abode in the Heavens, with little or no involvement in the day to day activities down here on earth.

In contrast, Bene Yisrael believe that Hashem is much closer to home. The Torah tells us, “He discovered them in the desert; in desolation – in a shrieking wilderness. He encircled them; He granted them discernment; He protected them like the pupil of His eye” (Devarim 32:10). Bene Yisrael are ‘encircled’ by Hashem. As the Rambam writes, “Our Sages said, anyone who has Tefillin on his head and arm, Tzitzit on his garment and a Mezuzah on his doorpost is guaranteed not to sin, for he has many reminders – i.e. the Angels that protect him from sinning, as it says, ‘An Angel of Hashem encamps around him and saves him.’” Moreover, Bene Yisrael are not only encircled with Angels, they are encircled by Hashem Himself – “Hashem surrounds His nation” (Tehillim 125:2).

As Rashi explains, Hashem’s encirclement of Bene Yisrael manifested itself in numerous forms. He enclosed them in the clouds of glory, He encircled them with flags on all four sides, and He surrounded them with Har Sinai when He held it over their heads like a barrel (forcing them to accept the Torah). Let us take a closer look at each of the occurrences mentioned by Rashi, two of which are described in Medrashim on this week’s Perashah.

The Medrash Tanhuma (BeMidbar) tells us that there were seven clouds of glory. Six clouds surrounded Bene Yisrael as they journeyed in the wilderness; one on top, one underneath and four more, one on each side. The seventh cloud traveled in front of them; killing snakes and scorpions and levelling mountains and valleys. Bene Yisrael were encircled as if in a cocoon; all their needs were cared for to the point that clouds ensured that even their clothes did not wear out.

The Medrash (BeMidbar) tells us that when Hashem revealed Himself at Mattan Torah, He was accompanied by 220 thousand angels, all carrying flags. When Bene Yisrael observed this phenomenon, they too desired such flags, and Hashem acquiesced, as we read in this week’s Perashah. The flags displayed the uniqueness of each facet of Bene Yisrael in the eyes of Hashem. These flags were so precious to Bene Yisrael, that when the nations tempted them with positions of great honour, they retorted, that anything that they can offer pales in comparison to the flags that they received from Hashem.

The third occurrence mentioned by Rashi is Mattan Torah. Our Sages tell us (Berachot 17a) that the World to Come contains no food or drink. Rather the righteous sit with crowns on their heads and bask in the radiance of the Shechinah, as it says (by Mattan Torah), “They perceived Hashem and they ate and drank,” meaning, they were satiated (from the Shechinah) as if they ate and drank. Thus, if an example of the World to Come can been seen from Mattan Torah, we can deduce that by Mattan Torah Hashem gave Bene Yisrael a taste of Olam HaBa. And this taste of the World to Come can be felt every time we learn Torah, about which we say, “And eternal life He planted within us.”

Bene Yisrael don’t merely believe in a G-d Who “sits up in Heaven.” We believe that Hashem is very involved in every aspect of our lives. We are literally encircled with His glory. He protects us, He cares about each individual, and He gives us the ability to live an other-worldly life right here in this world!


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– Mr. & Mrs. Jonathan and Renat Keslassy on the birth of a baby boy.
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– Mrs. Raquel Abecassis Kassin and Mr. Eli Kassin on the graduation of their daughter, as a Doctor in Physical Therapy in New York, Dr. Esther Liliane Kassin. Mazal Tov!