Babies, Toddlers, and Young Children

Shabbat Program

Our children are our lifeline. Our continuity as a community is dependent on it. As such, it is imperative that we invest heavily in our children’s synagogue/communal experience.

Petah Tikva is pleased to offer two great weekly Shabbat programs:

Gan Tikva, for ages 2-5, is a fun program which includes games, toys, stories and many fun activities with plenty of yummy snacks.  Our youngest members have plenty space and time to enjoy Shabbat mornings with their friends in a fun, loving and safe environment.

Bene Tikva, for ages 6-10, is an exciting, informative and interactive program which sees children of this age engage in plenty of games, trivia and educational fun. The Kids Kiddush is a highlight of this fun-filled morning as are the many prizes given for simply attending and having fun.

We ask that all parents encourage their children to attend the Shabbat Program. Both you and your child(ren) will find the experience very rewarding.

Shabbat Kids Program

Boys Minha Program

Established in 2012, the Boys Minha Program invites all fathers and sons to attend at Petah Tikva every Shabbat during the winter months for some fun, learning, refreshments and prizes.

Master Chef Junior

MasterChefs will learn where food comes from while learning to make delicious recipes. They will perfect their culinary skills such as learning how to use a knife properly, measure and whisk liquids and ingredients.  The kids enjoying making a variety of delicious foods and snacks such as salads, desserts and dough. The final class is a MasterChef competition to test the skills they have learned. The program runs for 8 weeks and is for children ages 5 – 12 years of age.  For more information, please contact Renat at 416-636-4719 ext. 5 or [email protected]

Youth Martial Arts

Youth between the ages of 9 – 12 years old will enjoy a weekly class of Martial Arts on Sunday mornings. The program runs for 8 weeks and provides authentic instruction based in a variety of styles that teaches youth how to recognize and avoid contact with strangers and self defence techniques. The program is geared towards providing a foundation of martial arts movement and techniques. For more information, please contact Renat at 416-636-4719 ext. 5 or [email protected]

Shabbat Music Program 

This upbeat Shabbat music program which runs for 8 weeks is geared for babies from 8 – 12 months.  Held on Friday mornings at Petah Tikva, this engaging class includes your infants favourite Shabbat songs.  Classes are creative, unique, fun and incorporate an array of props and instruments to keep babies and mothers/caregivers engaged.  For more information, please contact Renat at 416-636-4719 ext. 5 or [email protected]

Creative Movement

This Introduction to Dance class runs for 8 weeks and takes place Sunday mornings at Petah Tikva. Kids 3 – 5 years of age will enjoy a fun and creative dance class.  For more information, please contact Renat at 416-636-4719 ext. 5 or [email protected]

Mom & Tot Programs

JStixx, for babies ages 6 – 24 months, is a high energy interactive class that exposes babies and toddlers to sounds and songs that use percussion instruments.

Shabbat Party. Babies and toddlers up to 24 months sing, rattle, bake and shake in preparation and celebration for Shabbat.  For more information, please contact Renat at 416-636-4719 ext. 5 or [email protected]