Our Sisterhood

In 1962, a group of women joined together to form Petah Tikva’s Sisterhood. They volunteered time from their already very busy lives, to raise much needed funds and provide social programming for the Petah Tikva community. Fifty years later, a group of women, diverse in age but united in their goal, work tirelessly for this amazing community.

With events like Bazaars, Teas and Bake Sales, the Petah Tikva Sisterhood is financially helping the synagogue’s fundraising efforts. And their hard work doesn’t stop there; organizing women’s get-togethers like hands-on demonstrations teaching traditional Moroccan recipes provides both for social camaraderie and preserves our invaluable unique Sephardic heritage. All the women of the community are invited to attend Sisterhood events and are encouraged to get involved!

To contact the sisterhood please email [email protected]